Living Moorabool Flagship Waterway

The Living Moorabool Flagship is a series of connected projects that all aim to improve the health of the Moorabool River downstream of the Lal Lal Reservoir, and the West Branch of Sutherland Creek.

The project is about people, their connection to the river and how they may be able to contribute to improving the waterway health of the river. This could be through citizen science programs, improved knowledge and understanding or a better understanding of the cultural significance of the river.

The project is also about physical works that will improve waterway health. This is through planning and delivery of water allocated for environmental outcomes (environmental water) and rehabilitating targeted areas of land next to the river (riparian land) through enhancing the vegetation.

Flagship Waterway projects are one of the actions suported by the Rivers of the Barwon (Barre Warre Yulluk) Action Plan.

The Living Moorabool launch in December 2017 including Uncle Bryon’s Welcome to Country

Projects on The Living Moorabool

The Corangamite CMA ‘E-Water’ team have been working towards improving the Moorabool River’s flow using timed releases of water into the waterway.

Through this we aim to improve the health of the waterway and bolster the resilience of important habitats during dry flow periods.

Learn more about what the ‘E-Water’ team does on the Moorabool River here.

There’s always something going on with Citizen Science on the Moorabool River. Recently our team have organized waterbug monitoring and data collection as well as working to track Platypus populations with the Great Australian Platypus Search (GAPS).

Learn more about what the Citizen Science team do here.

Riparian land is the ‘buffer zone’ between water and land. The land could be used for anything from a recreation reserve to an area for livestock to graze. It’s important to keep riparian land healthy and well covered with vegetation to help maintain a healthy waterway.

The Corangamite CMA Waterway Protection Program run Expression of Interest (EOI) campaigns in the Moorabool, Leigh River and Lake Corangamite catchment areas. Incentives are available for fencing, weed control, revegetation, stock crossings and off-stream water points, willow removal and pest animal management.

Learn more about what the Waterways team have done for the Corangamite region here.

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