Corangamite Landcare

Landcare is a national community volunteer program aiming to improve land, water and environment.

The Corangamite Landcare Program has eleven Landcare networks and locally-based Landcare Facilitators. There are more than 152 Landcare and community-based natural resource management groups with more than 4,200 volunteers developing innovative partnerships to achieve large-scale landscape projects.

The diversity of the Landcare groups includes rural, urban and coastal communities with group members working to protect, enhance and restore private and public land.

What do Landcare volunteer groups do?

Landcare works with community groups promoting and delivering environmental and sustainable agriculture projects designed to help farmers and land managers. This includes:

  • Pest plant and animal management (on private and public land)
  • Soil health and revegetation projects improve
  • Riparian management.

Landcare brings individuals together and fosters communities who are passionate about improving their local landscape.

Launching the Landcare Support Plan 2022-2027

This Plan is designed to outline how the Corangamite CMA supports Landcare and provide a framework for an ongoing partnership between the Corangamite CMA and Landcare in the region. The Plan guides the work of the Regional Landcare Coordinator and can be used by all stakeholders to understand the relationships and processes that guide the relationship.

Corangamite CMA thanks the local Landcare community for their support and contributions towards developing this plan.

Victorian Landcare Grants 2021

The Victorian Government provides funding to support Landcare and environmental volunteering groups and networks for on-ground works, education, and capacity building projects that protect, enhance, and restore our land and natural environment.

The 2021 Victorian Landcare Project Grants successfully funded 15 projects totalling $309,428 and 36 Support Grants provided to groups totalling $18,000.

Overall $327,48 in grant funds were awarded across Corangamite.

View a full list of successful projects here.

Applications for the 2022 Victorian Landcare Grants are currently closed and under review. 

How can I get involved?

The Corangamite CMA hosts a Victorian Government funded Regional Landcare and Volunteer Coordinator position to work with Landcare groups and networks to share information, develop promotional materials, discuss challenges and make regional decisions to achieve positive results. This position works to meet key priorities of the Victorian Landcare Program and Corangamite Landcare Support Plan.

For general enquiries contact:

Regional Landcare and Volunteer Coordinator


P; 1800 002 262

Faces of Corangamite Landcare

Celebrating 30 years of Landcare, stories captured in the Faces of Landcare indicate that Landcare means many different things to many different people, from those just establishing their group to those who have played a major role in Landcare’s foundation in locations all across the Corangamite catchment.

Underlying the contrasting motivations for those involved in Landcare is a commitment to sustainable land management for future generations. And the opportunity to get together to learn and share knowledge with like-minded people.


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Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

The Corangamite CMA hosts an Australian Government funded Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator (RALF) who works with Landcare, agriculture industry, grower and community groups who have a sustainable agriculture focus. The RALF supports the delivery of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program sustainable agriculture outcomes.

Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator (RALF)
Karen O’Keefe (Monday-Thursday)
1800 002 262

More information

Visit the Corangamite Landcare Program page on the Victorian Landcare Gateway website.

Landcare grants (when available) are listed on the Grants and Tenders page.

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