Waterway Protection  Program

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As the regional caretaker of waterway health, the Corangamite CMA is responsible for coordinating programs to protect and enhance rivers, streams, estuaries and wetlands. We work with landholders, managers and community groups to increase the health of our waterways through weed control, fencing, revegetation, willow removal, bank stabilisation, stock crossing and off-stream watering points.


  • Sediment input
  • Nutrient load
  • Risk of disease from stock manure
  • Erosion


  • Riparian biodiversity
  • Aquatic biodiversity
  • Stock water quality
  • Farm productivity
  • Usability of waterways
  • Overall waterway health

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest are sought from eligible landholders, managers and community groups. The application process includes a site visit and costing for potential waterway restoration works. Projects are funded through an environmental cost benefit score, and subject to funding availability. For further information speak to one of our Land & Catchment Health Officers, Anthony Byrne, Angus Donaldson, Gene Gardiner or Kelly Snell, on 1800 002 262.

Project Eligibility

Waterway restoration works are targeted towards priority waterways identified in the Corangamite Waterway Strategy 2014-2020. Priority waterways are those which have social, environmental and/or economic values to the region. Priority waterways of the region are detailed in the Natural Resource Management Planning Portal.