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Procurement Strategy

CCMA’s procurement strategy is revised periodically and is next planned for revision in 2023.

Corangamite CMA Procurement Strategy 2021-2024

The purchasing and procurement practices of the Corangamite CMA are important as they:
  • support sound financial management
  • ensure trust in government
  • ensure that resources are sourced efficiently and effectively
  • support the Corangamite CMA deliver on its vision; and
  • supports the creation of a thriving community by ensuring the Corangamite CMA considers local, environmental, and social factors in its procurement.

Guide for Suppliers

Suppliers must ensure that they and their employees, workers, representatives, suppliers, and subcontractors comply with the standards of conduct set out in the guide and in other contractual obligations to the CMA.

Suppliers when entering an arrangement with the CCMA will be provided a copy of the general conditions for the provision of services & supply of goods. See the documents  attached to this section.

State Procurement Contracts

The CCMA is in the process of arranging for procurement using state procurement contracts. Suppliers can apply to become a part of state panels allowing for the opportunity to supplier for the CCMA and other state organisations. Suppliers can join state panels through the Buying for Victoria website.

Disclosure of Contracts

The Corangamite CMA will disclose the key details for contracts with a total estimated value equal to or exceeding $100,000 within 60 days of the award of a contract on the contract publishing system, the Buying for Victoria Tenders Portal.


CCMA requests for tenders and expressions of interest for contracts are available from the Buying for Victoria Tenders Portal. Other state government department tenders are also advertised at this site.


Environmental Procurement

The Corangamite CMA is committed to minimising the environmental impact of the goods and services purchased to meet its requirements. Corangamite CMA aims to meet this commitment by:

  • Purchasing goods and services that have reduced impacts on the environment, compared with competing goods and services that achieve the same function and value for money outcomes
  • Defining environmental procurement priorities based on assessment of environmental risks and their ability to influence environmental outcomes
  • Considering environmental impact when defining specifications for goods and services
  • Assessing the potential environmental impact of entering into a commercial engagement with a supplier, where appropriate.

Social Procurement

The Corangamite CMA is committed to achieving the objectives of Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework that aims to ensure value-for-money considerations are not solely focused on price, but encompass opportunities to deliver social and sustainable outcomes that benefit the Victorian community.

The Corangamite CMA will incorporate into its procurement processes Social Procurement considerations as outlined in its Social Procurement Strategy.

Procurement Complaints 

Complaints must be in writing to be a valid request and cannot be made verbally. All complaints relating to purchasing are to be written and addressed to:

Business and Governance Services General Manager

Or via email to

The complaint should articulate succinctly the nature of the complaint and any background information to support initial review of the complaint.