Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is the dominant land use in the Corangamite region, with approximately 3,500 diverse farming businesses operating across three quarters of a million hectares.

The region’s fertile soils support large areas of broadacre cropping, grazing and dairy, as well as other enterprises including viticulture, horticulture, eggs, pork and poultry, cut flowers and agroforestry.

Supporting sustainable agriculture is a key focus of the Corangamite CMA, and we work closely with landholders and community to implement sustainable agricultural practices including on-farm water efficiency, nutrient management, soil health and biodiversity on farms.

The Brown Book

How to optimise your soils to enhance productivity

The Brown Book is a sustainable agricultural information resource for the Corangamite region. It is designed to address the needs of farmers for simple solutions to relevant problems and questions in the effective management of soils to enhance productivity.

Information is presented as a series of relevant regional problems and questions that have been organised around six broad topics. Practical management solutions to these problems are provided with local examples wherever possible.

These problems and questions have been compiled by regional soil experts based upon what they deem to be the most important issues that are experienced within the Corangamite region. There are certainly additional problems that will not be addressed within this resource. In the process of addressing these problems and questions it is beneficial for land managers to modify management practices that are needed for soils to reach their productive potential. These practices are based around:

  • increasing organic matter inputs to ‘feed the soil’, and
  • reducing soil disturbance to enhance biological function

A condensed version of the Brown Book is available as a printed ‘Ute Guide’ (pictured).
For more information contact our office on 1800 002 262 or

Soil Health Knowledgebase

The Soil Health Knowledgebase is a collaborative research project between the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI).  The aim of the research is to develop a comprehensive, informative, easy-to-use knowledge base of soil health information that will assist the broader community to respect the values of the soils of the Corangamite region.

Farm Talk

Farm Talk provides an opportunity to showcase the fantastic and innovative work land managers are doing to enhance our soils, water and vegetation. Themes include land and soil health, cover cropping, farm water, climate, farm business, mapping and farm planning.

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