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The Corangamite CMA manage floodplains by overseeing any developments that take place on a floodplain or over a waterway while providing free floodplain advice to landholders.

Making sure floodplains are properly looked after ensures that, in the event of a flood, it’s easy to predict the areas in most danger of being damaged.

If you have any of the following questions, please fill out the Flood Advice form above:

  • How does flooding effect my property?
  • What does having a flood overlay mean for me?
  • My insurer has said my house is on a floodplain, what do I do?

Follow the links below to learn more about floodplain management, development advice and what resources are available to you.

If you’re looking to follow-up on an existing form submission, please email floodinfo@ccma.vic.gov.au.

Please note we do not provide advice over the phone & the Flood Advice and Works on Waterways forms currently have a 28-day turnaround period.

What is a floodplain?

Floodplains cover large parts of the Corangamite region. To learn more about what a floodplain is and why their management and health is so important, take a look at the slides below.

What is a Floodplain?

A Floodplain is an area of low-lying land next to a river that is prone to flooding.

There are two key parts to a floodplain: the floodway (the river) and the flood fringe (the edge of the floodplain).

Flooding is very important to restoring the health of nearby ecosystems and sustaining floodplains, which are often rich in biodiversity.

The transport of nutrients and sediment left behind on floodplains after flooding helps rejuvenate the land, with the deposits working as a natural fertiliser.

While it’s important to understand how flooding is good for the environment. extensive management is required to make sure floodplains and waterways aren’t impacted severely by human development.

Managing floodplains involves forward thinking and good planning. Overseeing developments on or nearby high-risk flood areas is a key function of catchment managers.

The Corangamite CMA has a statutory obligation to gather flood data and make it available to the public to provide information and guidance on floodplain development.

During a flood, we collect flood data to use for future flood modelling as a way to further our understanding of the floodplain and which areas are affected by flooding.

After a flood, working to help impacted areas recover is our main priority.

Floodplain Management

The Corangamite CMA works to manage the health of floodplains and any developments on it.

We assess how works on waterways and infrastructure development on floodplains will impact future flooding.

There is also the responsibility of creating guidelines (for builders and councils to follow) and strategies that determines how floodplains will be managed.

Follow the link below to learn more.


Development Advice/Permits

The Corangamite CMA work to provide advice for community members, local government and development consultants on floodplain developments.

Developments involving the following areas are what we provide free advice for:

  • Floodplain infrastructure
  • Works on waterways
  • Levee maintenance permits
  • Vegetation in waterways

Follow the link below to learn more.



How does flooding affect my property?

Different homes are impacted differently depending on whether they are located on a floodplain or not, and by where they might be located on a floodplain.

Please fill out the flood advice form above for free flood advice on your property.

My home is on a floodplain/I have bought land on a floodplain, what am I supposed to do?

Our Floodplain Project Officers can assist you in describing what you need to do if your home/land is located on a floodplain.

Please fill out the flood advice form above for free flood advice to receive tailored information on what your next step needs to be.

My insurance premium has gone up because they said I am on a floodplain, what do I do?

Insurers can change your premiums based on whether you are on a floodplain and at risk of having your home flooded.

To know what you can do about it, please fill out the flood advice form above for free advice.

Does the CCMA manage stormwater in a flood?

No, this area of urban management is something that varies between council to council and the CCMA does not have a responsibility over it.

When would I need to get a 'Works on Waterways' permit?

Anytime you might build something over, through or beside a waterway, including its bed and banks, you need a works on waterways permit.

Please fill out the works on waterways form above to begin the process of applying for a permit.

Emergency Flood Information

Local Flood Safe Guides

Your Local Flood Information



Live Flood Information

VicSES Warnings – Twitter


Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) Flood Warnings



For further information please contact the Corangamite CMA Floodplain Statutory Team on floodinfo@ccma.vic.gov.au.

Statutory Responsibility

Corangamite CMA is responsible for a range of statutory functions under the following state government acts, relating to floodplain management:

Under Part 10 (sections 201 to 212) of the Water Act 1989, Corangamite CMA has floodplain management responsibilities for its declared CMA region.

For further detail and resources, visit the Corangamite Flood Portal here.