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Curdies River Consultative Committee

The Curdies River Consultative Committee (the Committee) is being established to provide a transparent and effective platform for knowledge sharing, consultation, and collaboration in relation to improving the health of the Curdies River and its tributaries.

We recently invited Expressions of Interest for Community Representative positions on this Committee. Our selection of representatives was based on:

  • Familiarity with the Curdies River catchment and preferably to reside within it
  • Breadth of Community connection, networks and participation
  • Diversity and inclusion principles
  • A balance of skills, knowledge or community involvement in the Curdies River.

A sincere thank you to everyone who expressed their interest in joining this Committee. It was fantastic to see the level of community interest in and care for the health of the Curdies estuary.
Due to the level of interest received, we have decided to invite 6 community representatives to join the committee, instead of 5 as originally indicated.

Curdies River Community Update


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The appointed Community Representatives will be:

  • Marg OToole
  • Barbara Mullen
  • Catherine Bell
  • Dean Drayton
  • Debbie Dalziel
  • James Ronald Irvine

In addition, Geoff Rollinson from Heytesbury District Landcare Network will represent the Network on the Committee. Representatives have also been invited from relevant local and State Government organisations, Traditional Owners and Industry groups.

The Function of the Committee is:

  • to share research, monitoring, management and local knowledge that can contribute to improving the health of the Curdies River;
  • to consult on the review and implementation of Management Plans and Strategies relating to the health of the Curdies River, including implementation of the 2017 Estuary Management Plan and 2005 Ecological Risk Assessment recommendation.
  • to support collaboration and provide clarity across agencies and community on roles and responsibilities in relation to Curdies River management;
  • to advise on communication materials and approaches associated with delivering information and updates to the broader community about Curdies River management; and
  • The Function of the Committee is not to advocate or lobby for changes in government policy or investment. If members wish to do this, it should not be in their capacity as members of this Committee.

The consultative committee will inform a range of additional community engagement efforts that will occur to ensure other community members are informed and can get involved in the management of the Curdies River.

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