What is Kitjarra-dja-bul Bullarto langi-ut?

Kitjarra-dja-bul Bullarto langi-ut is an initiative to increase public access to the unique environmental, cultural, and recreational values of the Barwon and Moorabool Rivers. The project area extends from the Moorabool River at Meredith, through to the Barwon River in Geelong and onto Barwon Heads (as shown by shaded area).

The project encompasses an extensive corridor of river frontage on Wadawurrung Country, including the internationally recognised Lake Connewarre wetlands and the spectacular Barwon River estuary. Kitjarra- dja-bul Bullarto langi-ut is the Wadawurrung name for the project previously known as the Barwon River Parklands and translates to “places of many stories”.

Kitjarra-dja-bul Bullarto langi-ut is one of the actions supported by the Rivers of the Barwon (Barre Warre Yulluk) Action Plan.

Project Vision

That Kitjarra-dja-bul bullarto langi-ut is a well – connected, diverse and healthy waterway landscape, that balances recreation, conservation, respect of place and culture, as well as provides for everyday enjoyment of nature, community, liveability and wellbeing.

Our Name and Logo

The project name Kitjarra-dja-bul Bullarto langi-ut was assigned by Wadawurrung Traditional Owners translating to “places of many stories”. Kitjarra-dja-bul Bullarto langi-ut is phonetically pronounced as: Kit-jarra-ja-bull Bull-arr-toe langee-oot

The logo was developed by Wadawurrung artist Chloe Chatterton through a process run by the Wadawurrung Traditional Owner Aboriginal Corporation. In Chloe’s words “The Barwon and Moorabool Rivers were used as ‘highways’ and gathering places for our Old People to tell our Stories. My art shows how the rivers were used to connect our People, tell our stories and how the rivers cared for our Dja. The two hands represent the healing of our Country.”

Final masterplan

The final Kitjarra-dja-bul Bullarto langi-ut masterplan was formally released by Christine Couzens, State MP for Geelong on behalf of the Minister for Water, the Hon. Harriet Shing at the Moorabool River Reserve, Batesford on 14 February 2024.

The masterplan has been in development for two years involving engagement with a large range of stakeholders including State and Local Government Agencies, Wadawurrung Traditional Owners, community groups and the general community.

Community input was provided via a survey in September 2022 and comments on the draft masterplan during August 2023 plus many informal discussions with community groups and individuals. The masterplan includes a 10-year program of environmental and infrastructure works including re-vegetation, weed control, water flow and quality improvements, shared cycle and walking trails, boating facilities, new proposed public open space and new public land managed by Wadawurrung Traditional Owners to promote Aboriginal traditional land and water management practices.

We are now focussed on masterplan implementation including securing funding for the many priority projects in the plan.

The final masterplan can be downloaded from the links below:

Project Governance

The project is a partnership between a number of state government agencies, local government and a Registered Aboriginal Party, all with a shared interest in improving the amenity of the river corridor. The project governance structure consists of a Strategic Advisory Committee providing high level guidance for the project and a Working Group to deliver the project actions with administration and project management provided by the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority.

Kitjarra-dja-bul Bullarto langi-ut Video

The video below was developed to showcase the variety of environmental, recreational and cultural features of this important river corridor.

What have we achieved?

The Kitjarra-dja-bul Bullarto langi-ut project is an extension of the previous Barwon River Parklands project which began around 2010.  A masterplan developed in 2011 provided the project priorities for the river corridor. 

The maps below show the completed projects over the period of masterplan implementation between 2010 and 2020. 

As discussed above, a new masterplan is currently being developed to guide the next phase of on-ground works and projects.

Barwon River Parklands Phase 1 - Completed works 2010-2014  Barwon River Parklands Phase 2 - Completed works 2015-2020

Project History

  • 2011 Barwon River Parklands Strategy – initial planning document (to be superseded by the up-coming masterplan)  
  • 2011 to now: Implementing the 2011 Strategy including discussion with funding partners
  • 2018: strategic project review showing that 24 of the 36 actions from the 2011 Strategy were either completed or on-going   
  • 2019/20: Development of a business case for a project masterplan 
  • 2020: Extension of the project area to include the Moorabool River south of Meredith 
  • 2020: Development of a Strategic Statement for the project
  • 2021: Assigning the Wadawurrung name for the project as Kitjarra-dja-bull Bullarto langi-ut translating to ‘Places of Many Stories” 
  • 2021:  Assigning a Wadawurrung designed project logo 
  • 2021:  Securing funding for development and implementation of a masterplan as part of the implementation of the Rivers of the Barwon Action Plan
  • Dec 2021: Appointing consultants to develop the project masterplan and an assessment of on-going governance and funding models  


The project has strong linkages to the following plans and projects:


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