June 5, 2024

The recent survey undertaken by the Curdies River Coordinating Committee has revealed strong community attachment to the Curdies River and a desire to see it protected.

The Curdies River Coordinating Committee conducted a community survey from October to December 2023, receiving 206 responses that highlighted significant insights into community values and aspirations for the Curdies River and its tributaries.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Strong community attachment to the Curdies River and a desire for its protection.
  • Diverse responses from across the region, with the highest number coming from postcode 3268 which encompasses Timboon, Nullewarre and Curdievale, indicating a clear interest from communities living close to the river.
  • Key themes highlighted by respondents include concerns about water quality and agricultural practices, environmental impacts on flora and fauna, appreciation for the river’s beauty and cultural values, and the importance of monitoring, management, research, and collaboration.

The results also highlighted the Curdies River's recreational and social value, with respondents engaging in activities such as boating, picnics, swimming, birdwatching, dog walking, and water sports along the river.

Corangamite CMA’s General Manager Community and Catchment Services, Corinne Mays, expressed gratitude on behalf of the Curdies River Coordinating Committee to all survey respondents who took the time to complete the survey and provide their thoughts.

“The results show that the community has such a deep connection to Curdies River. With that connection comes a respect for the opportunities the river provides, and a desire to help support and protect it.

“The Committee is eager to address the concerns raised in the survey and we also recognise how the current blue-green algae outbreak is impacting the community. We are meeting next week to refine communication and engagement strategies based on survey findings, and to discuss the development of a vision and strategic directions for the Committee aligned with community values,” said Ms Mays.

Community representative on the Curdies River Coordinating Committee, Barb Mullens noted, "It was good to read the thoughtful and informed comments made by so many respondents in the survey. It is heartening to hear that most respondents see the need to recognise the Curdies River as an ecosystem in its own right and consequently the efforts to restore the river need to take a whole of system approach.”

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