Mar 8, 2022Biodiversity

As part of the Wild Otways Initiative, Dr Barbara Wilson and her team are tracking down areas in the Otways that act as refuges for threatened mammal species. Colleagues at Parks Victoria have joined the hunt!  

The Barbara Wilson Pty Ld and Parks Vic teams have set remote cameras to detect these remarkable animals in the Otways near Moggs Creek and Eastern View. 

Barbara Wilson Pty Ld team leader Dr Mark Garkaklis explained the approach. “Our recent work has confirmed that the dunes along with the coast act as critical refuges for threatened mammals. We now want to see if the creek and gully systems that lead inland from these dunes act as a connection between the dunes and the rugged landscapes inland”.  

Caption: The hunt for threatened mammals is on- Matt, Patt, Tess, Bryce and Hannah make up the teams. Who will be the winner?

The small mammal’s project has confirmed what has been suspected; the narrow strip of vegetation between Point Roadknight and Split Point lighthouse is a critical fauna refuge in the Otway Ranges.

This projects is supported by The Corangamite CMA through funding from the Australian Government’s Environment Restoration Fund.

This project is running until 2023.