February 7, 2023

On the 24th of January a sudden intense rain event saw up to 40mm of rain fall in half an hour across parts of the Anglesea River catchment. This sudden inflow of fresh water naturally opened the estuary mouth to the ocean.

The pH levels in the Anglesea River have remained steady, and any fish living in the estuary would likely have remained.

Scientists from the Arthur Rylah Institute (ARI) will be conducting a survey to estimate both the number and species of fish currently living in the river.

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is working closely with agencies and partners, to proactively manage the risks of a potential fish death event that may arise if the estuary closes and the water in the river returns to an acidic state.

To prevent a significant environmental impact on Anglesea's aquatic ecosystem, stored water (harvested from the Anglesea River in winter) is released into the river over the drier summer period to reduce the risk of activating acid sulfate soils in Coogoorah Park. Once the mouth of Anglesea River estuary is fully closed to the ocean, these releases will recommence.

Corangamite CMA will continue to monitor water quality conditions in the river. and will keep the community updated about actions underway in the Anglesea River estuary. The Anglesea River is enjoyed by the Surf Coast communities and remains a popular holiday destination for many Victorians. The river remains safe for local and visitor communities to enjoy water-based recreation.

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