What is Waterwatch?

Waterwatch is a community water monitoring program focused on monitoring waterway condition, environmental education and awareness. It brings together schools, community, landcare groups, landowners, councils, water managers and individuals to test the quality of their local stream or waterway so action can be taken to maintain or improve the water quality.

Corangamite Waterwatch provides free training, support and equipment for individuals and groups interested in monitoring water quality in our region’s rivers, streams and wetlands. There are 24 community groups involved at more than 110 sites across the region.

Corangamite CMA’s Waterwatch program is funded by the Victorian Government and supported by Barwon Water, Central Highlands Water and the City of Ballarat.

What do Waterwatch volunteer groups do?

Waterwatch aims to give the community better knowledge about water issues and to encourage water quality monitoring groups to undertake constructive action. Volunteers with a passion for the environment provide water quality data from waterways across Victoria. The data is used to monitor waterway condition and assess whether change (positive or negative) is occurring. All data collected is publicly available at vic.waterwatch.org.au.

Along with water quality monitoring, individuals and groups also evaluate habitat, survey aquatic macro-invertebrates (waterbugs) and photograph sites to evaluate how waterway condition is changing.

Waterwatch Victoria has successfully engaged people with their local rivers for 25 years, raising awareness about river health and waterway management.

How can I get involved?

Contact our Regional Citizen Science Officers on info@ccma.vic.gov.au

Corangamite CMA hosts citizen science events throughout the region, including regular ‘come and try citizen science’ days.

Estuary and wetland education Kits

Corangamite CMA’s estuary and wetland education kits engage students in learning about the pressures affecting waterways, vegetation and wildlife of the region, and what they can do to help. Contact our Regional Citizen Science Officers to find out more.

More information about Waterwatch

Visit the Waterwatch Victoria portal.

You can also find waterway information, strategies and citizen science reports on the Corangamite CMA Knowledge Base.