February 15, 2021

For over two decades, Victoria’s CMAs (Catchment Management Authorities) have delivered land, water and biodiversity programs that not only protect and enhance landscapes but support thriving communities.

The past 12-18 months have challenged us all in so many ways and the CMAs have been proud to use their trademark reliability, leadership and innovation to support organisations, communities and individuals to keep moving forward.

The Victorian CMAs’ Action and Achievements Report 2019-20 highlights the impact that this work is having in local communities and within local ecosystems. It’s a great read, full of stories of the people we are proud to work with.

In 2019-20, CMAs:

  • Undertook 969,652 hectares of pest plant and animal control
  • Planted native vegetation across 3,508 hectares
  • Worked with landholders to improve environmental outcomes covering 27,084 hectares of agricultural land
  • Built and maintained 568 kilometres of fencing
  • Established 298 waterway structures to stabilise banks and improve habitat
  • Attracted 67,281 people to events and workshops that focused on environmental education, sustainable agriculture and community action
  • Maintained and established 1,464 partnerships with organisations, businesses and landholders
  • Provided advice and approvals in response to 9,695 requests for permits, licences, leases and planning referrals.

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