Yarrowee Leigh needs you…

Feb 7, 2018Community Events, Rivers, Waterway management

Are you interested in being part of a group that will help inform a scientific investigation on the water needs of the Yarrowee and Leigh River?

Yarrowee and Leigh Flow Committee will focus on providing input into a study to ensure local knowledge is taken into account when assessing the volumes and timing of water required to maintain populations of fish, animals, and vegetation dependant on the Yarrowee and Leigh River for survival.

If you are interested in joining the group or require further information please
call 03 5232 9100.

The terms of reference and expression of interest form are available to download from www.ccma.vic.gov.au


Completed forms must be received by 23 February, 2018
Submit to
Mail:    PO Box 159, Colac, Victoria, 3250