Positive response to farming resilience workshop

July 6, 2017

A workshop focusing on the “people part” of farming gets the thumbs up. A group of 20 people at a Building Personal and Rural Community Resilience workshop the Corangamite CMA’s Landcare program hosted in partnership with the Heytesbury Landcare Network at the Timboon Bowls Club, responded positively to an opportunity to talk about the people and relationships aspect of farming.
Workshop facilitator Jeanette Long worked with the group, including farmers, agribusiness consultants, service providers and students ranging in age from 21 to 60 developing practical strategies to cope with farming pressures including drought, flood, business and family difficulties.

The areas covered included:
• understanding the four areas of resilience and key stress triggers
• understanding how they react under stress and the impact this has on others
• how to manage powerful emotions
• analysing their personal values and the role they play in decision making
• work life balance and bouncing back from difficult times.

The group looked at building resilience and the capacity to bounce back, survive and even thrive in pressured times. And how it’s challenging to create environments conductive to managing change and pressure. Four resilience areas included, cognitive, emotional, physical and purpose. They discussed how to channel emotional energy positively. Understanding stress, optimism, values and how this impacts upon decision making. The importance of work life balance and making time for yourself, even getting away from the farm occasionally.

Regional Landcare Facilitator Karen O’Keefe said the audience responded positively to the event. “They said they enjoyed the presenter’s professionalism and found the information highly relevant and easy to understand. As well as hearing everyone else’s perspectives,” she said. “They appreciated presenter Jeanette Long’s ability to understand farming and agricultural industry and the pressures and situations that can occur. And her practical suggestions that could be incorporated into everyday life.”

Corangamite CMA’s Landcare program supports the uptake of sustainable farming to increase productivity, while maintaining and improving soil health and biodiversity. It also recognises the importance of supporting people on farms, because sustainable farming starts with people as the land managers and decision makers. A second resilience workshop with 25 participants was also held at Inverleigh on May 9.

Corangamite CMA’s Regional Landcare Facilitation program, funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme

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