From little things, big things grow

Jul 20, 2017Coasts and Marine

Peter Hay, Parks Victoria
Peter Hay, Parks Victoria

Driving along the iconic Great Ocean Road you are surrounded by an awe-inspiring natural environment. The Corangamite CMA and Parks Victoria both work towards protecting this national parks in this area.

A film celebrating the environmental outcomes achieved through a Corangamite CMA and Parks Victoria partnership has been produced and can be viewed by clicking the video link below.

The film captures Parks Victoria’s successes and challenges in implementing their duty to protect native flora and fauna, and explores what this means as custodians of public land.

The project outlined in the film has ensured a long term commitment be made to the successful management of woody weeds in the Great Otway National Park. In addition, the partnership model between the Corangamite CMA and Parks Victoria has now been extended to other public land management sectors.

The project was made possible through five years of Australian Government National Landcare Programme funding, managed through the Corangamite CMA.