February 6, 2024

The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is inviting the public to provide their feedback on the draft waterway rules for the Barwon Through Geelong stretching from Orana Road to the Lower Breakwater (just upstream of Lake Connewarre).

The draft waterway rules were developed through an extensive consultation period with the main user groups of the Barwon River and key agency stakeholders.

The public consultation will be open (for a period of four weeks) from Wednesday 7th February until Wednesday 6th March 2024. All recreational users (Anglers, On Water User, Visitors, Recreational Parkland Users) of the Barwon Through Geelong can provide comment on the draft waterway rules.

The Corangamite CMA identified a need to review the waterway rules for the Barwon River following Barwon Water’s planned removal of four spans of the Ovoid Sewer Aqueduct in Breakwater as part of its Porronggitj Karrong project. The removal of the spans opens the opportunity for the public to access the lower part of the river for the first time in many years as this has been an exclusion zone for safety reasons.

As the existing river rules have not been reviewed since 1991 (32 years), the renewed access to the river around the sewer aqueduct provides the Corangamite CMA the opportunity to review the waterway rules, not just for the lower part of the river, but for the entire stretch from Orana Road to the Lower Breakwater.

Waterway rules are designed to provide a safe operating environment, to cater for a wide range of boating and water activities, to separate different activities where needed based on safety, and to reflect local conditions.

Any changes to the rules will be based on the following principles:
• Managing vessel activities and movement, moorings and berthing locations, and navigational aids that identify regulations and hazards, anchorage and dredging areas
• Minimising the risk of environmental damage from the operation of vessels
• Allowing for the safety and equity of on-water use on the Barwon River for a broad range of users
• Cultural Heritage management and consideration
• Ensuring compatibility of waterway use with surrounding land

Corangamite CMA’s General Manager Community and Catchment Services Sarah Holland Clift said, “Through this public consultation process, we aim to consider the perspectives of all river users and establish new rules that accommodate a wide range of recreational activities”.

“The aim of any rule changes is to foster greater inclusivity and safety for all on water users, enabling a broader range of individuals to enjoy the Barwon River,” continued Mrs Holland Clift.

To view the draft changes and to provide your feedback use the following link:


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