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February 21, 2023

Last month Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation and the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CMA) celebrated their shared commitment to continuing to work together to protect and enhance Wadawurrung Country.

Meeting together at the culturally significant confluence of the Moorabool and Barwon Rivers in Fyansford, the two organisations celebrated nearly a decade of working together and looking to a future of continuing to lead landscape care on Wadawurrung Country.  

Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation CEO Paul Davis said, “Over the last few years, the Corangamite CMA has taken a genuine interest in collaborating with Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation in a number of ways. The Kitjarra-dja-bul Bullatro Langi-ut project is one of multiple activities and it is my hope that formalising this particular collaboration with a partnership is an example other organisations can strive for to support self-determination and real outcomes for Wadawurrung people.”

Wadawurrung Traditional Owner Greg Robinson said, “The Barwon and Moorabool Rivers with their flowing waters and the life within, the associated banks and our river red gums, the skies above and all things that live in and amongst, are important resources for us and the lifeblood of Wadawurrung Country. By entering into a formal partnership with Corangamite CMA, we can continue to realise our obligations built into our Paleert Tjaara Dja - Wadawurrung Country Plan, to care for and protect our rich and living Wadawurrung Country and Waters.”

Corangamite CMA CEO John Riddiford said, “The Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Corporation are one of our most important partners, sharing a deep commitment to transforming the landscape to protect culture, biodiversity, and waterways.”

“Together we are leading the Kitjarra-dja-bul Bullarto Langi-ut (Place of many stories) project, to protect and increase access to the unique environmental, cultural and recreational values of the Barwon and Moorabool Rivers. We are working together to protect the Moorabool River and the Victorian Volcanic Plains, through a number of shared projects. This includes cultural burning, monitoring (of water quality and biodiversity), and supporting property owners to fence, weed, and revegetate grasslands and river frontage. With the support of WTOAC we are also delivering environmental water to the Moorabool and Lower Barwon to support cultural and environmental improvements.”

“The Corangamite CMA consider the partnership we have with the Wadawurrung to be the measure by which we aspire all our partnerships to reach, one of mutual respect, trust and genuine engagement, where we share knowledge and learn together. “

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