Wild Otways

This project will work to protect biodiversity in the Otways, through the delivery of a broad and inclusive environmental community grants program, as well as five other projects that include, Pig and Deer Eradication, Fox and Cat Management, Phytophthora Management, Small Mammal Conservation and Rewilding in the Otways.

Project information Summary

The Australian Government (Project Sponsor) has selected Corangamite CMA (Service Provider) to deliver the Initiative and seeks to provide demonstrable conservation outcomes for native plants and animals (including EPBC listed species) in the Greater Otways region of Victoria.

This initiative represents a significant investment opportunity, making important inroads into threatened species conservation management in this region while also supporting the community to deliver cross-tenure on-ground outcomes.

It covers the area from Jan Juc/Bells Beach to Peterborough, and the Great Otway National Park and hinterlands (Otways Region) in South West Victoria.

The overarching aim of the Initiative is to improve the trajectory of threatened species targeted under the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Strategy and other EPBC Act priority species.

It involves the delivery of six defined sub-projects under two investment streams, including:

• Investment Stream 1: A broad and inclusive environmental community grants program to be delivered across the Otways; and
• Investment Stream 2: Five commission based sub-projects that include Pig and Deer Eradication, Fox and Cat Management, Phytophthora Management, Small Mammal Conservation and Rewilding in the Otways.

Tenders have been sought for the five commissioned sub-projects:

Pig and Deer Eradication: Strategic and Intensive feral pig and deer eradication to protect native species in critical habitat areas of the Otways.

Fox and Cat Management: Fox and feral cat research and control in planned-burn landscapes to protect threatened species in the Otways.

Phytophthora Management: To prevent the introduction of Phytophtora cinnamomi into critical habitat areas and reduce the impact of infection at priority sites.

Small Mammal Conservation: To identify factors that underpin critical refuge habitat for small mammals in the Otways. Establish management guidelines to support small mammal recovery.

Rewilding Threatened Species in the Otway Ranges: Design and create a rewilding program for a threatened small mammal species in the Otways. Develop a roadmap and costed implementation framework for rewilding.

Tenders have now closed.

Community Grants Program:

The community grants program is an allocation of $1M from the Wild Otways Initiative, and will support a grants program to local governments, Traditional Owners and volunteer groups to deliver on-ground environment projects to protect and restore native plants, wildlife, and coastal environments.

The types of projects that will be supported through the Community Grants program include:

  • Revegetation
  • Weed and pest control
  • Fencing
  • Access track improvements

The first round of grants will be promoted in November, so watch this space for further information.

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This project received funding from the Australian Government
This project will run until 2023.