Ecological zones

Terrestrial zones

The Corangamite CMA has five bioregions which are characterised by their unique flora, soil, climate and geology. Each bio-region is comprised of smaller sub sections called Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs). For more information visit the DELWP website – Bioregions and EVC benchmarks.

Victorian Volcanic Plain

The Victorian Volcanic Plain or VVP is the largest bioregion by area in our catchment. It has heavy clay soils derived from recent volcanic activity. These EVCs are very high in floral diversity however are highly threatened.

Central Victorian Uplands

The Central Victorian Upland is in the northern section of our catchment, being older and less fertile compared to the VVP. The bioregion is characterised by dry and scrubby forests, although has a high diversity of species.

Warrnambool Plain

The Warrnambool Plain is a mixture of Volcanic and Coastal soils with a range of swamps and rivers, and is dominated by Lowland Forest and Herb-rich Foothill Forest.

Otway Plain

The Otway Plain is dominated by coastal plains, dunes, swamps and creeks with sandy soils deposited from ancient coastal inundations.

Otway Ranges

The Otway Ranges are dominated by wet rain forest to damp scrubby forest with low to moderate slopes. Many of our catchment’s headwaters begin in the Otway Ranges.

Coast and marine

The Corangamite region includes 175 square kilometres of Victoria’s coastal fringe and approximately 450 square kilometres of in-shore coastal waters.

The coastal and marine environments within the Corangamite region are highly diverse. Marine habitats include intertidal rocky reefs, shallow rocky reefs, deep rocky reefs, pelagic waters, sand beaches, subtidal sandy and muddy seabeds, and intertidal mudflats.

Coastal habitats are dominated by a variety of vegetation classes, with Coastal Dune Scrub, Coastal Headland Scrub, Coastal Tussock Grassland and Coastal Saltmarsh EVCs being most vulnerable to threatening processes.

Marine Protected Areas

Within Victoria’s jurisdiction Marine Protected Areas are managed by Parks Victoria, with the majority of compliance work conducted by Fisheries Victoria.

Corangamite’s Marine Protected Areas:

Twelve Apostles Marine National Park 
Point Addis Marine National Park 
The Arches Marine Sanctuary 
Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary 
Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary 
Point Danger Marine Sanctuary 
Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary