Current projects

Dewing Creek Restoration Works

Dewing Creek is a tributary of the Barwon River near the town of Barwon Downs. This project was undertaken in partnership with Upper Barwon Landcare Network, Barwon Water and Corangamite CMA to improve the quality of water flowing into Geelong’s water supply. The project was completed in early 2020 with over 30,000 plants being planted, 10 kilometres of fencing, 8 off stream water points and a total of 2.8 kilometres of waterway improved.

The investment in the Dewing Creek restoration works was approximately $300,000, with the outcome of improving catchment health and water quality to supply the needs of our growing population.

To learn more visit the Barwon Water website:

Willow removal at Barwon River, Birregurra

Funded through the Victorian Government’s Riparian Restoration Program, this project was developed with the Corangamite CMA, Upper Barwon Landcare Network and a local landholder to remove willows, exclude stock from the waterway and establish native vegetation on the Barwon River at Birregurra.

Willows are often the target of our riparian restoration works, as they consume huge amounts of water during the summer period in comparison to native species such as red gums, and they increase the risk of reduced flows and threaten our aquatic species. These works are critical for the long term health of the river and will contribute to habitat for species such as platypus.

Angler Riparian Partnerships Program

The Angler Riparian Partnerships Program allows recreational fishers to partner directly with their local Catchment Management Authority, landholders and local communities and deliver works to improve riparian land along waterways that are important to them – for fish in their favourite fishing streams. The program operates across Victoria for 4 years (from 2016/17 to 2019/20).

The Corangamite CMA has partnered with local angling groups to restore stretches of the Barwon and Curdies Rivers. Works include fencing and revegetation with the aim to increase water quality for threatened fish such Yarra pygmy perch and Australian grayling.

This project is funded by the Victorian Government.

Willow removal in the Gellibrand River catchment

Charley Creek is a tributary of the Gellibrand River meeting near the township of Gellibrand in the Otway area. This project was staged across two parts, starting in 2014 with the first section of willows being removed and trees planted, see pictures below 2014 and 2019 comparison.

The second stage of this project has been successful in eradicating the final section of willows from Charley Creek Tributary, and is now recovering with native vegetation which will act as a filter for sediments and nutrient and corridor for local bird species.

These works are the latest in a long history of willow removal in this area of the Otways. These photos were taken a few hundred meters up stream of the Charley Creek Tributary confluence and are nearly two decades since willows were removed.