Estuaries of the Corangamite region

Click on the estuary gauge icons to review detailed charts on estuary levels and water quality data from remote monitoring stations.
Click on the Fluker Post and EstuaryWatch icons to explore estuary health data collected by citizen scientists.

Fluker Post

Fluker Posts are physical wooden posts that act as photo points installed at strategic locations in the environment. No camera is left on a Fluker Post. Instead, people walking past use the Fluker Post app on their own phone to take a photo of the given scene. This simple system of repeat photography provides a valuable long term natural resource management tool.

The Fluker Post Project is supported by Victoria University, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and the Corangamite CMA.

Estuarywatch Monitoring Site Icon

EstuaryWatch is a state-wide citizen science program for monitoring estuary health, supported by coastal Catchment Management Authorities and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. EstuaryWatch volunteers monitor the condition of 11 estuaries in the Corangamite region.

Permitted Estuary

A permitted estuary is an estuary that can be artificially opened by the permit holder to mitigate flood risks to built assets and infrastructure, following approval from the Corangamite CMA. Only permit holders can be authorised to artificially open a permitted estuary.

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The data in this tool is provided for information purposes only. No claim is made as to its accuracy or authenticity. Gauge data is sourced from the Victorian Government’s Water Measurement Information System and may have a lag time of up to 60 days. For more recent data refer to