Waterway management

As waterway manager for the Corangamite region, our responsibilities include regulation of artificial estuary openings, managing the delivery of water for the environment and riparian restoration programs, and management of drainage schemes.

Estuary management

Corangamite CMA has the lead role in regulation of artificial estuary openings.

Water for the environment

Corangamite CMA manages three environmental water entitlements held by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder:

Waterway Protection Program

Corangamite CMA’s Waterway Protection Program supports landholders to restore and protect waterway frontage by providing grants for on-ground works including fencing and off-stream watering for livestock, weeding and pest control and planting of native vegetation.

Drainage schemes

Corangamite CMA manages the Lough Calvert Drainage Scheme near Lake Colac, and the Woady Yaloak Diversion Scheme near Lake Corangamite and Lake Gnarpurt.