Regional Catchment Strategy

The Corangamite Regional Catchment Strategy 2013–2019 provides a vision for the integrated management of natural resources in the Corangamite region. It is a blueprint for catchment health in the future and builds on the achievements and lessons from the past.

At the heart of the Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) is the need to encourage the community to participate in the protection, restoration and enhancement of natural resources across the Corangamite landscape.

A motivated community, combined with sound science, increased knowledge and adequate resources, is essential for improving the health and productivity of the catchment.

More than two-thirds of the catchment is private land managed by rural landholders, and without their participation, investment and knowledge, we will not realise the vision in this strategy – a healthy Corangamite catchment valued by engaged communities.

Alice Knight OAM
Chairman, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority