Permit Terms And Conditions

1. The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (the Authority) regulates works and activities in, on or over designated waterways within the Authority’s waterway management district. 

2. A Works on Waterways Permit is a written statement from the Authority that certain works or activities may proceed at a certain location, subject to conditions.

3. Maps of the waterways the Authority has declared to be designated are available for inspection at its office at 64 Dennis Street Colac, free of charge during normal business hours 

4. A person who intends to construct or carry out any works in, on or over a designated waterway must first apply to the Authority for authorisation in accordance with the Water Act 1989. 

5. The applicant must lodge with the Authority a completed application form and a complete description of the works.

6. In determining whether or not to grant a Permit, the Authority will consider the effect or likely effect granting of the Permit may have on any designated waterway within the Authority’s district. 

7. Assessment of the structural adequacy of the works is not the responsibility of the Authority 

8. The Authority may ask the applicant for more information, and may give notice of the application to persons the Authority considers may be affected by the application. The Authority may require the applicant to give this notice.

9. In making its decision, the Authority will take into account the views of persons who may be affected by the application.

10. The Authority is entitled to refuse the application, giving its reasons for doing so.

11. The Authority is entitled to impose conditions when granting a Permit in accordance with the Authority’s powers and functions under the Water Act 1989.

12. The issue of a Works on Waterways Permit does not remove the applicant’s responsibility to apply for any authorisation or permission necessary under any other Act with respect to anything authorised by the Permit

13. A Permit shall be subject to time limits and will expire under certain circumstances. Any renewed Permit, if granted, may be subject to renewed conditions 

14. Contact the Authority between 8.30am and 5.00pm weekdays on telephone 1800 002 262 if you have any questions relating to the above.