General guidelines

It is the responsibility of people who are proposing to undertake works on a designated waterway in the Corangamite region to seek advice about a permit or authorisation for the works from the Corangamite CMA.

The first step is to seek confirmation from the Corangamite CMA that your waterway is a designated waterway.

A designated waterway is any waterway the Corangamite CMA has declared to be designated under Section 188 of the Water Act 1989 and can include named and un-named rivers, creeks, gullies, drainage lines, lakes, lagoons, swamps, wetlands, and estuaries.

The Corangamite CMA keeps maps of its designated waterways which are available for inspection during business hours, or contact the Corangamite CMA by email or telephone for advice.

You should always check to see if a permit is needed before you start work. Penalties apply for works on a designated waterway without a permit or written approval from the Corangamite CMA.