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Event calendar

View our Events calendar for all events held on the Barwon River through Geelong.

Barwon River re-zoning for the 2020/21 season

Event planning

Holding an event

The Corangamite CMA can assist with advice on any permits or requirements needed by the authority to hold your event along the Barwon River through Geelong.

The Events fact sheet provides information to assist you in planning your event. To kick start the process event organisers must complete an Events application form. The information provided in the application is then circulated to relevant agencies and Corangamite CMA departments for feedback. An email listing any requirements and/or permit needs will then be sent to the event organiser.

If further information is needed, you will be notified within 10 working days of the Corangamite CMA receiving the event inquiry.

For events not on CCMA-managed land, contact the City of Greater Geelong.

Event venues

Barwon River Rowing Mile

  • 1500 mark to Fyans Park, Newtown

Barwon River reserves

  • Richardson Reserve
  • Bob Morell Reserve
  • Marnockvale Reserve
  • Queens park (weddings only)

Barwon River zones

  • Zone 1 Stan Lewis Walk (Queens Park Bridge to Shannon Ave (West bank)
  • Zone 2 Fyans Park / Newtown Park ( Queens Park Bridge to Shannon Ave (East Bank)
  • Zone 3 Rowing Mile ( Shannon Ave to Swanston St (Landy Field)
  • Zone 4 Rowing Mile South Bank (Shannon Ave to Belmont Common Boat Ramp (South Bank)
  • Zone 5 Belmont Common (Boat ramp to Gundog Lane (South Bank)
  • Zone 6 Wal Whiteside Walk Swanston St (Landy Field) to Gundog Lane (East bank)

Event venue map

By-Law No. 2 Barwon River

Corangamite CMA’s functions are governed by a range of legislated requirements. These requirements are detailed in legislation including the Water Act 1989

Public Notices

View public notices for Exempt Boating Activity on the Barwon River between Moorabool St Bridge and Queens Park Bridge, Highton.

More information

To discuss your event further, please contact the Water Infrastructure team 1800 002 262 or email btgevents@ccma.vic.gov.au