Sutherlands Creek from the air

Nov 2, 2017Research, Rivers, Waterway management

With the coming of spring and the onset of some warmer, calmer weather,  it’s a good time to take to the skies and conduct some monitoring.

20171031_sutherlands creek_Rob_CCMA
Sutherlands Creek revegetation – native vegetation is being reinstated along the entire length of the creek in this photo – Photo: Richard Shelton

Recently here at the Corangamite CMA we have been exploring the use of drones for monitoring some of our waterway health projects. The video below shows some nice footage of a recent project. This site on Sutherlands Creek has received significant attention in the past 12 months with the landholder looking to reinstate native vegetation along the edge of the Creek through planting and weed work.

The benefits of reinstating native vegetation along waterways are many and the intent of a monitoring program is to observe these through time. Using the drone to gain an aerial view of the works provides a great perspective of the site and the extent of works undertaken.

20171031_sutherlands creek 2_Rob_CCMA.JPG
Sutherlands Creek revegetation – Photo: Richard Shelton

These photo’s and video represent year 1, and with repeat drone flights intended to be taken in subsequent years, it will be great to monitor this site as it transforms and improves over time as the vegetation comes back.

20171031_sutherlands creek 3_Rob_CCMA
Sutherlands Creek revegetation – the clear patches are where weeds have been treated and native species planted to replace them. Photo: Richard Shelton