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Upper Barwon River Health Improvement Works

The Upper Barwon River is currently experiencing localised flooding. Flooding is a natural occurrence. The West Barwon Reservoir is currently spilling, this is the result of the higher than average rainfall experienced during certain times this year. This is not unexpected, and not uncommon. Flooding is important for the renourishment of floodplains, both from an environmental point of view and also for agricultural productivity.

The Upper Barwon is a highly modified system with the advent of farming, roads, construction of a reservoir, extensive clearing of native plants, introduction of agriculture, variable climate conditions, the introduction of introduced species such as Glyceria and willow. There are many factors at play here and there is no one simple solution to mitigate the impacts of changed flow conditions.

The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority is working with Barwon Water and Regional Roads Authority to mitigate the impacts of flooding where possible.

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