Flagship Waterways

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Flagship waterways are large-scale restoration projects happening across the state of Victoria, made possible through the Victorian Government’s record $222 million investment into waterway and catchment health.

The Living Moorabool

The Moorabool River is on the traditional lands of the Wadawurrung people who have had an ongoing connection with the river for thousands of years.

Moorabool means ‘monster’ in the language of the Wadawurrung. It’s the local name of the Stone Curlew, a bird who lives by the river. Of a night time the Stone Curlew is renowned for its eerie high pitched wailing.

The parents in the Wadawurrung communities would use the Stone Curlew’s frightening call to warn their children away from the river, “Moorabool, Moorabool (Monster Monster)” they would tell the children to make sure they didn’t stray close to the dangers of the river in the dark.

Whether you’re interested in a picnic with family and friends, learning about its’ cultural significance, visiting stunning waterfalls, going for a walk or fishing in one of the tranquil water holes, the Moorabool has it all!

We are supporting projects that deliver on ground works to protect and enhance the Moorabool River to improve the overall health of the system.