June 13, 2024

The Victorian Catchment Management Authorities Actions and Achievements Report provides a standardised ‘output’ approach to reporting actions delivered annually by each of the ten Victorian Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs); through partnerships with government agencies, industry, land managers and the wider community.        

For over 26 years, Victoria’s CMAs have delivered land, water and biodiversity programs that not only enhance and protect our environment but support thriving communities as acknowledged by winning the 2024 National Banksia Sustainability Award in the Nature Positive category.

Victoria’s CMAs and Melbourne Water work closely with local communities and Traditional Owners to create meaningful and lasting integrated catchment management outcomes.

2023 was a productive and forward thinking year where CMAs and Melbourne Water delivered projects in the final year funded under Tranche 5 of the Victorian Government’s Environmental Contribution and demonstrated resilience in dealing with floods and rolled out Regional Catchment Strategies.

In 2023, CMAs achieved great outcomes across the State:

  • 95,000 people engaged via CMA engagement events. 
  • 399,000 hectares of pest plant and animal control works undertaken. 
  • 3,000 hectares of native vegetation improved.
  • 9,000 hectares with improved agricultural practices. 
  • 13,000 approvals and advice issued. 
  • 100% of CMAs working closely with Traditional Owners to support self-determination.

Download the full report and summary by clicking on the images below:

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