September 30, 2022

The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CMA) launched a new Landcare Support Plan 2022-27 on September 20th at the quarterly Corangamite Landcare Chairs and Facilitators meeting, strengthening the Authority’s relationship with Landcare.

The Plan has been collaboratively designed by the Corangamite CMA with Landcare Networks and outlines how the Corangamite CMA supports Landcare and provides a framework for the ongoing partnership between the Corangamite CMA and Landcare in the region.

The Plan guides the work of the Regional Landcare Coordinator and can be used by all stakeholders to understand the relationships and processes involved.

Specifically, the Plan can be used to:
• Understand the Landcare focused roles in the region and how they relate to each other.
• Communicate Landcare’s activities and impact in the region.
• Understand how the Corangamite CMA will support Landcare in their activities going forward.
• Identify the key policies and strategies that may impact on Landcare’s work.
• Understand the relationship between Landcare and the CMA, including the guiding principles, strategic focus, and processes for working together.
• Guide the regular activities of the Regional Landcare Coordinator.
• Guide the annual process for developing a shared Action
• Plan that can respond to the emerging needs and priorities of Landcare in the region.
• Guide a monitoring and review process.

The Corangamite CMA thank the Victorian Landcare Team for their ongoing support of Regional Landcare Coordination in Corangamite.

Cath Jenkins, Chair of the Corangamite CMA and Chair of the Landcare Quarterly meetings, said, this new Landcare Support Plan sets us in good stead going forwards and is a useful document for people to understand Landcare in our region.

"The Corangamite CMA values the contribution of Landcare towards achieving beneficial outcomes for our natural environment, agriculture, local communities and sustainable land management, and is committed to supporting Landcare groups and networks to continue their important work.

“With this support plan, the Corangamite CMA hopes to see the Landcare movement in this region continue to grow and flourish – now and into the future,” Mrs Jenkins continued.

The Corangamite CMA Landcare Support Plan can be found at

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