Volunteer Tool Box

This site provides CCMA volunteers a range of resources to help refresh their knowledge in water quality testing procedures and habitat surveys. It is anticipated that this will be useful when community monitors have had a break from regular site visits and need an update on test procedures

Instructions in Waterwatch and EstuaryWatch testing

Follow these instructions to refresh your skills and knowledge in water quality testing

Turbidity video from Corangamite CMA

Temperature video from West Gippsland CMA

2. Habitat Surveys

3. Waterbug Surveys

Waterbug sampling overview from Corangamite CMA https://ccma.vic.gov.au/getinvolved/citizen-science/how-can-i-get-involved/

Waterbug instructional videos from National Waterbug Blitz


1. Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

A SWMS will help guide you in the identification of hazards and then take steps to manage risks when visiting your monitoring site.