The Great Australian Platypus Search

The largest citizen scientist project in Australia’s history, The Great Australian Platypus Search, will officially launch in August in a crucial first step to reversing platypus population decline. Earlier this year, the unique and iconic species was listed as threatened in Victoria for the first time sparking the inspiration for this project.

Join The Great Australian Platypus Search

Reverse the decline of the platypus

The Odonata Foundation has proposed a state-wide survey in Victoria during the 2021 platypus breeding season (August-October). This project will map the entire distribution of platypuses throughout Victorian waterways to inform future management solutions to elevate its status from threatened.

Water samples from more than 2000 sites across Victoria will be collected by citizen scientists and then analysed in the EnviroDNA lab. This data will not be limited to platypus populations but will actually allow scientists to determine distributions of all aquatic vertebrates over large spatial scales. eDNA gathering on this scale has never been seen before in Australia, and potentially the world, making this one of the most significant citizen science projects in history.

How can I get involved?

Go to our events page and find a location near you!

Alternatively, contact Deirdre Murpy our Regional Citizen Science Project Officer :



  1. Always park your car in a safe place that is close to your site and clear of other traffic.
  2. Never access a sampling site on your own. While eDNA sampling is very safe, accidents can happen, and it is important to always have someone looking out for you.
  3. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately – we encourage you to wear sturdy shoes, long pants and a hat.
  4. Assess the site for any hazards, i.e. slippery or steep banks, high waters, snakes, dangerous insects or fallen branches and don’t forget to look up for any dangerous tree limbs!
  5. Please make sure you are up to date with COVID-19 restrictions in your area. For current Victorian Government guidelines, click here.


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