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Curdies River Consultative Committee

The Corangamite CMA invites interested community members to nominate for the new Curdies River Consultative Committee.

The committee will have 5 community representatives. Representatives will be based on:  

  • Familiarity with the Curdies River catchment and preferably to reside within it
  • Community connection, networks and participation
  • Diversity and inclusion principles
  • A balance of skills, knowledge or community involvement in the Curdies River.

Note: The consultative committee will inform a range of additional community engagement efforts that will occur to ensure the other community members are kept informed and involved in the management of the Curdies River. 

Membership of the Committee will be appointed by the CCMA Chief Executive Officer in consultation with the CCMA General Manager Community & Catchment Services. 

For more information about the Committee please see the Terms of reference.

To express your interest please complete the following nomination form by 5 July.

The first meeting of the Curdies River Consultative Committee will be 10am-12pm on 10 August. Please be aware that membership of the Curdies River Consultative Committee will be made public.

Sign Up

    Fill in the fields below to express interest in being a member of the Curdies River Consultative Committee.


    Corangamite CMA Curdies River Consultative Member Application Form

    Are you nominating as representative of a local organisation or community group?
    Has the above group endorsed your application (please tick)? Yes or No
    Are you prepared to: a) Commit the time to prepare for, attend and contribute to four Curdies River Consultative Committee meetings over the next year and every six months for the subsequent 2 years?
    b) Work cooperatively with other members of the Committee, including respecting and valuing the diversity of views represented within the group?
    c) Share local knowledge that can contribute to improving the health of the Curdies River and provide advice on communication materials and approaches associated with delivering information and updates to the broader community?