October 6, 2022

Community representatives from across the Corangamite catchment met this week to launch a three-year term of the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority’s Community Engagement Network (CEN).

The Community Engagement Network provides a forum for information exchange to strengthen community understanding of the Corangamite CMA’s role in natural resource management within the region; identify community needs, issues, and barriers to participation in natural resource management.

Corangamite CMA Chief Executive Office, John Riddiford said our Community Engagement Network is about fostering community advocacy and support for improved natural resource management in our region to ensure healthy and productive lands and waters are cared for by thriving communities.

“Twenty-nine passionate and diverse individuals’ make-up the members of our Community Engagement Network, many are ongoing members and others have been newly appointed to the network. It is excellent to see a diversity of talent, interest and geographic representation across the region. For example, we have a diverse age range with several members in their twenties who are passionate about expanding their knowledge and leading the next generation of environmental stewards,” said Mr Riddiford.

Corangamite CMA Community Engagement Network begins new chapter with twenty-nine passionate community members involved in an information exchange on natural resource management in the Corangamite region.  

The first meeting of the new term was held at the Colac Bowling Club where the network enjoyed an introduction to the organisation. The network learnt about the diverse roles and teams that make up the Authority and the vital role each has to best support the catchment and community.

There was also an opportunity for members to mingle and strengthen their own personal connections with each other.

Corangamite CMA Chair, Catherine Jenkins said, “As a Catchment Management Authority, our key role is to improve the health of our natural resources and sustainable productivity of the Corangamite region. We can only achieve this by working with the community.

“This network allows us to work closely alongside the community and conduct more localised conversations so that we make sure we get the best outcomes for the environment and the community.
“We are very excited about working closely with this great group of individuals and look forward to our regular forums,” continued Mrs Jenkins.

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