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Farmer to custodian

30 October 2017

Bob Swinburn, a farmer on the shoreline of the Ramsar listed Lake Connewarre, born on a place with international significance, has created an oasis for the plants and animals over his lifetime. In this...

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The next generation of EstuaryWatchers

13 September 2017

It is always encouraging to hear about EstuaryWatchers inviting friends and family to attend EstuaryWatch monitoring.  It is particularly exciting to hear tales of the younger generation...

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Volunteers in the mist

7 September 2017

Conducting water quality monitoring on the Barwon River as part of EstuaryWatch. "The Corangamite CMA works effectively with newer learners and older hands—committed and expert people who want...

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Staying SANE for 30 years

5 September 2017

SANE (Surfers Appreciating Natural Environment) seeks to protect and restore the reserves natural beauty and that of the surrounding bushland of the iconic Bells Beach. Unfortunately 50 years of...

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Same, same, but different. . . The tale of one creek and its many faces

21 August 2017

Have you visited the ever-changing landscape of Painkalac Creek in Aireys Inlet?During the summer-time, Painkalac Creek will greet you as a dried up trickle flanked by bronzed, thirsty shrub land....

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Curdies River estuary fish rescue

31 July 2017

In early July, the Curdies River estuary closed, much like many of the estuaries in southwest Victoria. In response to rising water levels in the river, Parks Victoria and the Corangamite CMA coordinated...

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From little things, big things grow

20 July 2017

Peter Hay, Parks Victoria Driving along the iconic Great Ocean Road you are surrounded by an awe-inspiring natural environment. The Corangamite CMA and Parks Victoria both work towards protecting this...

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Citizen Scientists helps shape the future of Anglesea

19 July 2017

The Anglesea River EstuaryWatch group enjoying their time out monitoring the Anglesea River Estuary The Anglesea River EstuaryWatchers are a group of citizen scientists working with coordinators from...

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Corangamite coasts under the microscope

16 July 2017

Corangamite coasts under the microscope (Neptune's necklace) Photo: Corangamite CMA The second Coastal Research and Development Forum will again be hosted by the Corangamite CMA Coastal Country program...

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Improving our view through the camera lens!

13 July 2017

Photopoint monitoring training Point Roadknight Anglesea Over 40 community members from across the Corangamite coast came together recently to improve their photopoint monitoring skills.Held over two...

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