Drainage Schemes

Lough Calvert

The Lough Calvert Drainage Scheme protects rural properties in the lower middle and upper loughs from flooding from Lake Colac.

Before construction and following significant wet periods in the early 1950s, Lake Colac would fill and overflow near its north-eastern shore.

The scheme diverts flows from Lake Colac via an earthen channel to Birregurra Creek, a tributary of the Barwon River, and enters the Barwon River near Conns Lane.

Woady Yaloak Diversion Scheme

The Woady Yaloak Diversion Scheme was constructed in 1959 as part of a flood protection program for agricultural properties around the shores of Lake Corangamite and Lake Gnarpurt.

The scheme diverts flow from the Woady Yaloak River via an earthen channel to Warrambine Creek, a tributary of the Barwon River, and enters the Barwon just above Inverleigh.
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