Barwon through Geelong

The Corangamite CMA is responsible for 20 kilometres of the Barwon river through Geelong, including river reserves downstream from the Queens Park Bridge at Highton, through to the lower breakwater, upstream from Lake Connewarre.

This includes maintenance and enhancement of the river banks and adjacent reserves and providing associated services and facilities.

Click on the link below for the Barwon River zonings for 2019-20

Events Calendar

Popular events on the Barwon River through Geelong include rowing, running, canoeing and water skiing. 

Click below for a list of organised events happening on the Barwon River through Geelong:

Applying for an event permit on the Barwon through Geelong

Corangamite CMA issues permits for the staging of organised events on the Barwon River through Geelong, from Queens Park Bridge to Breakwater, including The Rowing Mile, Marnock Reserve, Richardson Reserve and Frederick Morton Reserve. 

How to apply:

  1. Determine if your event falls within the CCMA Event Management Zones.
    For all events on non-CCMA managed land, contact the City of Greater Geelong
  2. Submit a CCMA Event Permit Application form
  3. Allow a minimum of 4 weeks for your application to be processed.
    As part of the application process, Corangamite CMA will advise which documents or plans may be applicable to your event. 
  4. If your application is approved an event permit will be issued.

Events Application form:


Dog owners have a role to play in keeping the Barwon River reserves looking great.

The Corangamite CMA has removed dog litter bag stations from the Barwon’s walking paths, meaning owners should take their own bags to clean up after their dog by the river.

The City of Greater Geelong provides free dog bag kits when owners register their dogs, or kits can be collected from the Corangamite CMA's Geelong office.

To reduce waste and improve litter collection along the Barwon, the Corangamite CMA will install larger bins also suitable for recycling. Twenty recycling bins will replace 30 bins currently used.

For more information about management of the Barwon River click here.

For other information about managing dogs beside the river click on the attached brochure.



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