Current Monitoring Sites

Here's some of the activities Waterwatch monitors perform to assess waterway health:

Habitat surveys
Habitat surveys record the condition of the surrounding landscape and in stream condition at a monitoring site. Surveys are performed annually and evaluate bank stability and condition, and the species and amounts of vegetation present.

Monthly water tests
Water quality tests are performed monthly including temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, electrical conductivity, phosphorus and turbidity. These water condition indicators are critical to the health of water bodies and the survival of aquatic plants and animals.

Aquatic macro-invertebrate (water bug) surveys
Aquatic macro-invertebrate surveys are conducted in autumn and spring. Aquatic macro-invertebrates are small animals without a backbone, and include dragonflies, aquatic snails, yabbies, and water mites. They depend on freshwater for all or part of their life cycle and are a critical part of food webs within and around fresh waterways. Aquatic plants and animals are sensitive to changes in environmental conditions and their abundance and diversity will reflect any change in water quality.

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Waterwatch Victoria

Do you want to know about water quality monitoring throughout Victoria using the Victorian Water Resources Data Warehouse?
Victorian Water Data

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