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Grants now available for Landcare projects for Landcare and comunity based NRM groups

The Victorian Government is providing funding to support community-based natural resource management (NRM) groups and networks undertaking on-ground works, eduation and capacity building projects to protect and restore the land and environment.

Grants will fund projects that address local, regional and state land and environment priorities through delivery of on-grounds works capacity building activities and communtiy education and engagement, and to sustain community-based NRM groups and entworks by providing support and start-up grants particularly for groups whose continuing existence will benefit from this support.

Grants include project support grants (up to $20,000), support grants (up to $500) and start up grants (up to $500).

For more information download the grant guidelines below, or contact Bret Ryan (03) 5232 9108

Applications close on the 12pm on 12 June 2018. To apply go to


The eleventh annual achievements report showcases the activities of the Corangamite Landcare Program during 2015-2016

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It is with great pride that we launch the Faces of Landcare publication marking 30 years of Landcare in Corangamite.

Celebrating this significant milestone, achieving 30 years of Landcare, provides an
opportunity for us to reflect on the impressive achievements of all those involved.

As the stories captured in this book indicate Landcare means many different things to many different people, from those just establishing their group to thosewho have played a major role in Landcare’s foundation in locations all across the Corangamite catchment.

But underlying the contrasting motivations for those involved in Landcare is a
commitment to sustainable land management for future generations. And the
opportunity to get together to learn and share knowledge with like-minded people.

Thank you all Landcare volunteers for their contribution to this publication.



Corangamite CMA has developed a five-year Landcare Support Plan to support Landcare and community environment groups. 

This plan supports the 150 regional Landcare groups, with approximately 4000 members, carrying out work on the ground.

In developing the plan, a community survey determined four goals to achieve in the next five years. 

  1. strengthening partnerships
  2. increasing investment
  3. increasing membership
  4. increasing skills and knowledge




What is Landcare?
Landcare is a national community volunteer program aiming to improve land, water and environment. There are more than 152 Landcare and community-based natural resource management groups across Corangamite with more than 4200 volunteers.

What does Landcare do?

Landcare works with community groups promoting and delivering environment projects designed to help farmers and land managers. This includes pest plant and animal management on private and public land, soil health and salinity control, revegetation projects to improve land management practices and riparian management. Landcare brings together individuals and communities who are keen to improve their local landscape.

Landcare in Corangamite
The Corangamite Landcare Program has eleven Landcare networks and locally-based Landcare co-ordinators developing innovative partnerships to achieve large-scale landscape projects. The diversity of the Landcare groups includes rural, urban and coastal communities with group members working to protect, enhance and restore private and public land.

Landcare Grants
Click here for information about Landcare grants available.

Corangamite Landcare website
Click here for current news and events or to contact your local Landcare group.

Regional Landcare Facilitator Program in Corangamite
The RLF will focus predominantly on working with community members and groups which have a sustainable agriculture focus to promote sustainable agriculture and the Landcare ethic to farmers and land managers. The RLF will also assist Landcare and community groups to seek funding, membership and resources for NRM activities and to build their capacity and skills. Click here to see the program blog which outlines all the project achievements and upcoming events.

How to get involved

Its easy to become involved in Corangamite Landcare. Locate your nearest Landcare network on our map. To find out more information, contact the Regional Landcare Coordinator at Corangamite CMA or email

Corangamite CMA region Landcare groups map

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