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Corangamite CMA, one of 10 CMAs in Victoria, was established in 1997 by the Victorian Government to work with the regional community to protect and sustainably develop land, vegetation and water resources.

In addition to providing strategic leadership in natural resource management and funding co-ordination, Corangamite CMA has the statutory responsibility of managing river reserves along 20 kilometres of the Barwon River through Geelong, and two drainage schemes – the Woady Yaloak and Lough Calvert.

Corangamite CMA was established under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 and the Water Act 1989. The authority reports to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, and also has a close relationship to the Minister for Water.

Nine community board members oversee the governance of the authority, and they are appointed by the Victorian Government for a fixed term. 

They also provide a two-way link between Corangamite CMA and the community, ensuring we remain in touch with regional people and their needs.

Diversity and Inclusion

Working with and as part of the community is central to our work at the Corangamite CMA. We are committed to embracing and reflecting the diversity of our community and to supporting inclusion and participation by everyone in our workplace and through the ways we work.

Click on the image to view our Diversity and Inclusion Plan and check out Appendix 1 below for details about our objectives and actions.

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Barwon River Zonings 2018-19

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Corangamite Waterway Strategy

A new eight-year plan for healthy rivers, estuaries and wetlands.

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